We are now in Bern, Switzerland. Tonight will be the last night on this tour since the Munich gig tomorrow has been cancelled due to problems with the festival...
Bern seems like a beatiful city - had a walk around to quickly see the sights. Zurich last night was a disaster, it really felt like we were just in the way. We were late to get there and The main act - nikola from Millencollin - was even more late. We ended up doing a five minutes soundcheck. When we started playing they had hardly even opened the doors, so there was basically nobody watching the gig. We did the best we could out of it all the same.
The Citizens webpage has broken down - apparantly there have been too many visitors which I guess is a good thing.
I love being on tour - love to see new cities, but none the less I am starting to get a little bit homesick. I miss Beppe. And my piano. And my own bed. i dont miss Malmoe though - compared to Berlin, Zurich or Bern it is a shit hole of a city. But I like living there.
Got to go soundchecking now.

In the Middle of the night in Munich

I can not wright much since I am sitting by a pay-comp. Less than one minute left off my time! All is good. I am drunk and happy. We hadf a good gig tonight! yada yada yada!,,,

While In Germany, Do As the Germans

Right - we´re in Germany and right now I´m at the hostel where we´re staying, it´s called Alcatraz, so we´ll probably never leave unless we dig a whole behind the toilet and swim across the Elbe. Or something...
Been out walking, seeing the sights with Sara for a couple of hours. We had a great breakfast/brunch at a cosy smoky café. We sat out in the sun and it was really warm. Too warm to be mid-November,really. I had a Latte Machiato that was super.Everybody is smoking here - wherever you go, there is somebody sucking a cancer-stick. Germans - they just never learn ;-)
Saw a sign that read: Ola Schmuck, hehe...Wish I had a digital camera to document everything. I love Berlin - so many nice and cosy bars and cafés, streets and sushiplaces. We went over to the  holocost memorial place by Unter den Linden. It was impressive. Just a lot of grey big stones in diffrerent sizes, but the ground is never flat, so it feels like being on a ship rolling on the waves as you walk along the lines of stones. Impressive. A guy was playing guitar in the subway and we thought we should try to do the same. Maybe in Rotterdam where we´re going tomorrow?
We went to the great Tv tower - the Fernsehen Turm - to go up and watch the view, but it was too expensive for us unfortunately. Have to eat while on the road as well, so the tv turm will have to wait for us until the next time...
We ended the whole day going to this weired place called "White Trash". From the outside it just looks like a china food place, but  once inside it´s the coolest rock bar - big place with tattoed waitresses that serve Big hamburgers. Really cool, rockish, but at the same time cosy and mellow atmosphere. Had a beer and sat down for a while but I got tired and we headed back to Alcatraz. Now we´re off to bed. Long drive to Rotterdam tomorrow.
Feet are aching and probably smelling as well. Tired.


So I´ve been away for a week or two and what do I see when I log in? Well something like 54 spams telling me everything I need to know about small boobs, big boobs, teenage porn, fxxking and whatever... It sickens me and most of all it really makes me sad.

Tonight Sara opened for Juliana Hatfield at KB in Malmö. It was a good show although Sara said it wasn´t good enough. Which it really was. We had a good night at KB and continued with a really nice little afterparty at our place.Juliana was really sweet and nice to talk to.
Yesterday we went to Inkonst to watch "Vitaminsforyou" which was really really good!

Today I got my drivers licence!! (I haven´t even told my friends or my band that I´ve been taking lessons...)

I have to go to bed now. Tomorrow we´re having breakfast with Bryce from "Vitamins For You" and his friend Sara", so I really should sleep now. Really. Really!!


Yo La Tengo

So my brother acted a sponsor yesterday and offered to pay a ticket for me and Sara to go out and see Yo La Tengo at KB in Malmö. We gladly and gratefully accepted and off we went.
Now - I haven't really been listening a lot to them except for "Then nothing turned itself inside out" which I love, but whenever Sara has played something from them I have always thought it sounded really good. And the show last night was really amazing! It is right up there on my top...4 along with
Neutral Milk Hotel at Studion, sthlm in 1998
Elliot Smith, Studion 1998
Lambshop, KB 2003 (?)

I hope I will be as cool as Yo La Tengo when I am their age. To bee that cool and to make music that is so curious and forward and young and...amazing...not a lot of bands can do that even when they're 20.
The show was about 2 hours and it wasn't boring for one second. Ok, there was one track that kind of felt more like filling out spaces, having fun with the guitarr. They had a guy standing by the keyboard on that track, looking really bored and tired. Don't know exactly wat he was doing.
They ended the whole show with a song that Sara shouted for them to play  - "Detouring America With Horns". And Sara was happy!