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My downloads have lost their server space.
This means that you unfortunately will not be able to download my songs until they are on a new server.

Please be patient about this.


Simple Mathematics

I just put up a new song on my MySpace, it´s called "Simple Mathematics" and it´s really just a raw sketch. Nonetheless I decided to put it up for listening just to remind you I´m still around. So - go there and listen and see what you think of it.

Into My Arms

A couple of years ago (half a decade), before Sara and I were an item, she gave me a mix tape with a lot of beautiful songs on it. It was a declaration of love and I remember laying in bed listening to this tape, thinking...oh well I was thinking a lot of things at the same time...The point is that it was a beautiful tape and I listened to it a lot. Two weeks ago I found that tape again, it had kind of vanished for some time.
The first song on side A is "Into My Arms" by Nick Cave.  Before I got this tape, I had never really listened to Mr. Cave, my years at art school made me lose interest in his music since everyone at artschool always listen to Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, The Cure, The Smiths and so on...I was fed up with his music before I even got a chance to listen to it properly. Now I am starting to realize what a great songwriter he is. It only took about ten years to get it...;-)
Anyway; I found the tape with "Into My Arms" on it and thought I'd do a cover of it. So last week I spent a couple of hours at the rehearsal place and recorded my version of it.
Here it is:
Into My Arms

A Sigh Of Relief

Oh, my god. I just turned on the computer after having breakfast and the screen is black. Silent. Dead. No, don't crash damn it - I'm just starting to see the fun in and use for computers... For a minute or two, Sara and I were convinced  that what we have feared for so long had finally happened. But it turned out all I had to do was to turn up the light and the colour on the screen!
A sigh of relief!
Remeber I told you about a song I've been working on for forever? Well, I'm off to the rehearsal place to change the end of it. Again. But this is it - if it doesn' t work out after today, I give up.
By the way - if you haven't already heard them : listen to these two tracks

Tears Are in Your Eyes

Me Against You

And drop in on Sara Culler blog as well and listen to her beautiful songs:

Sara Culler

Me Against You

Hi everybody!

Here's a brand new track for you all to listen to, called "Me Against You". Please leave a comment.

Me Against You

I'm cold, but very much alive.I've been at Ribersborgs open air bath. The sauna was 96 degrees Celsius. The ocean was 10 degrees. Wonderful!


Tack till er som såg mig och Sara spela i kyrkan i fredags!

Listen up!!

David & Sara

You can only hear it here: the brand new track "Tears Are In Your Eyes", which is a demo recording I did in May. It will eventually feature the love of my life Sara Culler on backup vocals. She's not on this version, but you can get a pretty good idea of how it will sound. We've performed this song live a couple of times and if by any chance you happen to be in Germany or Austria this September (16-24th)  you just might get a chance to hear it live!!

Click here!