Finally - Tour Dates Set

In April, Amaterasu is being released in Germany and shortly after I will take my band and do a little tour to support the release. I'm looking forwrad to it very much and I certainly hope some of you will come to see us play!
Here are the tourdates:
May 8 2006 
Nachtcafe Kiel
May 9 2006 
May 10 2006 
May 11 2006 
May 12 2006 
Salon ElitaerKassel
May 13 2006 

I hope to find some time the next couple of weeks to rehearse with the band and to make sure we do at least one or two new songs in addition to the tracks from "Amaterasu"... see you there,yes?

Recording. Again.

I finally have some time over to record my new solostuff! I started yesterday with the foundation of "Piscine" which I have continued with today. I recorded vocals and drums and tomorrow we will work on fucking the drums up a bit by sending the signal through my porta studio to get that lo-fi sample effect I am looking for.

The only problem when recording is that after a while you realize you are so hungry you just can't continue. So I went home and called it a day. Now time for lasagna!

Some pictures from today and yesterday. My brother and me. And Beppe making a funny face...

Blood Music, White Russian And an Exellent Soup!

Last night we were invited over to Sara's moms place for dinner. And what a dinner it was! Fish soup with crawfish and shrimps + garlic bread and white whine. Does it get any better? I don't think so.
After dinner we fell into a time machine when we went over to our dear friend David's place for a little warm up party. I call it a time machine because I don't see my old friends that often anymore, unfortunately (I'm always busy with this music thing…) and when I see them it feels like time has been standing still since last time we met. And every time I see them I am reminded who my best friends really are…
After a White Russian or two we all headed over to "Inkonst " to see Blood Music play. The man behind Blood Music is Karl-Jonas Winqvist who is also one fourth of First Floor Power which is a good band. But Blood Music was better. It is not often you see a band play music that is so warm, playful, genuine and…good. I was impressed and happy to see him do so very well on his own. When I get some money (yes I still think it could happen!) I will buy the album. You all should.

And now the best news of all: my dear stepfather (sometimes referred to as "plastic dad") is slowly recovering and is now wide awake, up and about. The nurses say it's a remarkable recovery and it makes me think maybe, just maybe there is a god or something out there who is looking out for us, making sure not all the good guys in this world leave too soon…Thank you…god?

I am Back

I am back. Even if I was never really away. I've been busy recording with the Citizens the past month. Now we're done and I can focus on my solo stuff for a while again.
I have recorded most of "Diamonds & Photographs" now and I will work on another song on Wednesday. Don't know what song I will start with, but I think "Piscine" might be the one.
I am so looking forward to getting this album together. It feels more exciting than the new citizens stuff in a way. I have a very clear picture in my head of how I want it to sound and I love trying to transfer the image into reality.

I hope to be able to give you something to listen to in a while. But I'm not promising anything.

And oh, did I mention Saras webblogg? go check it out. I've heard the new stuff she's been working on and it sounds really good. My current favorite is "Wicked Autumn Kiss"

Another Gig


Me and Sara just got off the stage at "Sydskånska Nationen" which is a students place in Lund. We were asked to play just two or three days ago and we gladly accepted, poor as we are. My god, it feels like somebody is looking after us. I took out my last hundred crowns the day before yesterday, so this gig was sooo welcome.
We did ok I guess - not our best gig ever, it is hard to play sad beautiful songs infront of an audience that most of all wants to get drunk and "dance" to "Blietzkrieg bop". You know what I mean ;-) Well it was ok. People are nice and so...
Got to go now. They're buying us a drink.