Come As You Are

I had a dream last night where I was out in some small cabin in the middle of a forest, far from everything. I was there with some friends, I'm not sure what our business was but somebody set up a stage in the livingroom of this small house. All of a sudden I was supposed to get up on it along with Frank Black and Thurston Moore. I was just about to go to bed so I was in the middle of brushing my teeth when I was pushed up on stage and given a guitarr. Considering the situation, I did pretty well as I tried to sing with my mouth full of tooth paste. We did "Come As You Are", very suitable...
Frank was on my left, steady as a rock. Thurston was all over the place, bending strings, making noises only he can make. I realized I wasn't nervous at all and made some silly joke about how I should always have a toothbrush in my mouth when playing live.
Man, where is my mind?

View from the kitchen

A Cure For Hangovers? Anyone?

The café at Ribersborg

Ooh...I need a cure for my hangover, and I know I could get it if I went to the sauna and swam in the winter cold ocean of Öresund. But I'm not doing that today, so I'll just have to live through the pain...:-/
 Me and Sara played a few songs at this student ball last night.
 I'm so stupid - I introduced myself very properly, but somehow forgot to introduce Sara. Sorry  my love...! We actually played during the dinner. Before the dessert. We were like the pre - dessert.
Ate some cold hamburgers, had a couple of beers. Had a couple of White Russians. And some shots of liquor.  We had a really nice time and went to bed around 6 - 6.30.
Ooh my head...

Sara's Blog

My prreciouss, my love Sara Culler has started a blog of her own, where she has just posted two songs for you all to listen to. Do so, it is some good shit!

Drop in and say hello! :-)

"3 Simple Chords" (honey, I'm not bored)

Yaa - studion

The clock above the ugly brick building spins lap upon lap upon lap
underneath the compact gray sky.
Sara dances with the sweeper across the pale white wooden floor.
With "3 simple chords", Keith Jarret lands in the middle
of  your favourite part of the Köln Concert.
I'm hungry.
An hour seems a long wait.