Raul Blücher


Just as we thought everything would be ok, you leave us ...
Dear "Plastic Dad", You will be missed so much.

Raul   Blücher
1930 - 2006

To Munich and Back

Back at home again after a week in Germany. We have had a really great time together. I love being out on the road with this band, and we've met quiet a few nice Germans along the way. Germany is a great country to tour - a lot of clubs and venues out there, the only bad thing with Germany is the infrastructure. They have the biggest roads and often there are no speed limits but it doesn't change the fact that you are bound to get stuck in traffic jams ( STAU in German) and sometimes you can drive on after five minutes, sometimes you get stuck for hours. Fortunately for us we have a great navigator in Sara, so we could avoid the worst STAU on the way to Munich by going on smaller roads.
Munich was one of the best nights by the way. Even though we were four hours late, the owner of the club ( Gerd ) was happy and really nice. One of the biggest proffessionals we met on this trip.

The dry tour bus air and smoky clubs have ruined my fragile health and I went to the doctor this morning and got some asthma medicin and caugh medicin for some kind of bronchitis/ catharr. In Sweden you're not allowed to smoke on clubs and restaurants, but you can in Germany. And they do.

I'll make sure to put up a bunch of pictures as soon as I can.

Thanx to all the venues who booked me, and thanx for all you guys who came to see us play!

A Failed Attemp To Link Reviews

I just spent an hour trying to put up links to a whole bunch of Amaterasu reviews, but I failed. I had a long list of them, but when I tried them most of them where either to old to still work or they just didn't work. For reasons unknown to me. I am a newcomer still in this internet world, haha!

Anyway, since I failed to come up with the links ,I'll share this with you instead: an example of what can happen with a text when incerted into a free webtranslator.Look extra closely at the "quote" from "Then I Will Miss You"!

P.S. The original text was well written and a good review as well. It was taken from a Dutch blog called Motel Magnolia. ;-)

David Fridlund – Amaterasu

David Fridlund has brought out finally a solo album. And what kind of a! After years work furnished to have with its tie David & The Citizens, is the solo project now come and has yielded that a beautiful album: Amaterasu. Possibly an escape of David & The Citizens, which it went always less well with, and that escape is now for the listener also on Amaterasu to discover: Is "life pretty to you, honored just pretty fucked plain fizzy drink?" becomes already in the second number sung.

The album begins with a titelloos number, where only an outside taken up sample to hear is and what in the last number again returns. Also remarkable is that the second number begins with a woman's voice, that of partner Sara Culler. Fortunately lasts the but a few rules before David Fridlund self enters and from that moment know you that the good comes with this album. It follow interpret beautiful numbers that are now again almost swinging (April&May, White Van), and then again complete melancholy (Before It Breaks, Then I Want beauty Queen You). A large part of the accompaniment is formed come by a swinging piano, but also guitar and strijkers amply at bid.

The number Then I Want is the absolute high point of this album beauty Queen You. Imminent strijkers that later on in the number the emptinesses of the missed person fill up must and more large make therefore the drama only. Beautiful support through guitar and strijkers, meerstemmige song, and as a guide of Fridlund's song self that calm and meanwhile he remains controls sings:

"I bone older had, had I known what he meant, I would not property bone quiet; I would property ripped his heart out, the chest and chopped it down his throat again. But I sat satisfy. And I hero your hand."

And just the beheerstheid of David Fridlund self prevents that the over-the-top drama becomes and with that sees to this number absolutely for the fifth clew line. Someone else high point is the number Three Pictures (Or You & You & You), what a good structure shows and also a good example is of the alternation on the cd. Only actual its all numbers high points.

Amaterasu (in the Japanese mythology the godess of the sun) certainly will not go bore and through the alternation becomes appearance that Fridlund drowns in self-pity., . Fridlund has precise the right balance know to find and Amaterasu is now a beautiful plate become that you certainly do not may masses!