Me Against You

Hi everybody!

Here's a brand new track for you all to listen to, called "Me Against You". Please leave a comment.

Me Against You

I'm cold, but very much alive.I've been at Ribersborgs open air bath. The sauna was 96 degrees Celsius. The ocean was 10 degrees. Wonderful!


Tack till er som såg mig och Sara spela i kyrkan i fredags!

Posted by: Arash

Hard to believe that I'm writing directly to great David Fridlund! Actually I were searching for April and May lyrics some days ago and found your reply to one's request in a forum. I first thought that it's a fake person pretending to be you! But after reading your blog I got sure that it's you!

Just wanted to appreciate you for your great works. All of my fiends got crazy when saw your april and may video! Your music is pure, and I've got really surprised when reading your blogs about your daily life. When I saw that you have same problems as us when paying your bills!! I'm sorry that I dowloaded your music from Internet, but as I'm living in a country which everything is forbidden (it's Iran!) there is no way for us except downloading our favorite musics!!

I know it's not the right place to write such things, but I could not find your email address in the blog. "me against you" is a nice work as well as "tears in your eyes". Maybe one day I can hear them live in one of your tours :)

Stay great,

ps: why don't you make a place in your blog and put your lyrics there? I can handle it, if you want :)

Posted by: David

Arash! Thank you so much for your kind words. I want you to know that it means a lot! I just put out "Me Against You" a couple of hours ago and already you've heard it. In Iran! Isn't the internet a great great thing!? And don't feel bad for downloading my stuff, I mean - I'm not likely to ever go to Iran and do shows and I don't think my records will be released there either,so...keep downloading! And you know, I'm not a big star or anything, just a guy who wants to make music, record albums, play live and be able to pay the bills. Like everyone else. Thank's again! All the best./ David

2005-10-31 @ 23:13:03
Posted by: Anders

Wow. The new song is amazing. Can't really describe it in words. I love the electric drums (?), it fits really nice with the piano. And the bass too. This is gonna keep me warm in the upcoming cold months. Thank you, David. Please continue to share your songs and demos and whatever with us.
And yes, lyrics would be nice. Oh, and how was the concert at the church? Any pictures? Could imagine it was quite speciel. Take care, and all the best

2005-11-01 @ 00:57:40
Posted by: David

Thank you Anders! Yes, the drums are electric - played by hand on the buttons of a drum machine. I recorded real drums first, but they didn't fit very well with the rest of the song,so I went for the electric version instead. The gig in the church was nice I guess - a lot of reverb in a place like that.We had it filmed and if the quality is ok, I'll put up a link to it. We'll see...
All the best/

2005-11-01 @ 10:24:59
Posted by: mc supreme

Well, whaddayaknow... Skit i kvaliten! Om det stämmer att ni har lyckats filma ett reverb är det väl fan värt att se även om bilden är kass!

Det var ju en trevlig truddelutt du har hittat på. Ett välartat syskon till "This time" med Suede. Fint du spelar på gitarren, påg. Du ju brås på mig. Och klär galant i elektronika. Tack för lyssningen.

Hörde apropå det Stefan Thors mix av "Insomnia" uppe hos Karlsson. Helt rätt. Låten hittade hem.
Gör nästa platta med honom så får du nog råd att ta med din lilla sockerpulla på bio varje dag.

Jag sjöng och spelade "Song against life" på din gitarr i replokalen härmodagen. Nu fattar jag exakt. Men de där jävla strängarna, David... Köper du dem direkt från nåt stålverk i Gdansk eller?

2005-11-01 @ 14:29:06
Posted by: David

Ja, det stämmer att strängarna är från Polen. Billigt vettu! Jag är jävligt nyfiken på vad Thor hittar på, kan bli hur bra som helst - han är ju begåvad, pågen. Lycka till i studion med Emil! Sockerpullan hälsar.

2005-11-01 @ 16:00:59
Posted by: Marika

Hej David! hoppas allt e bra! den nya låten va fin :) finns d en video till "April and May"? isf, vart kan man se den? :S Ha d fint! kram!*

2005-11-01 @ 20:51:36
Posted by: Anders


April & May

White Van

funkar inte dom direktlänkarna så gå in på min hemsa o klicka på work

ha det bäst

2005-11-01 @ 21:13:41
Posted by: JC

i love the song....just too cool. It sounds like it is totally finsihed?

The el Gtar is great./... and skiffle sounds....

2005-11-02 @ 01:15:16
Posted by: JC

No - sorry - I LOVE THIS SONG

2005-11-02 @ 01:15:32
Posted by: Anna Hatt

Precsis som alla dina låtar är den underbar! Jag mår bara så himla bra när jag lyssnar på din musik, glömmer allt annat och blir helt inne i musiken! Så, tack för din musik och sluta aldrig skirva nya låtar...
(Gråter blod för att jag missade spelningen i kyrkan, Gävle och Malmö ligger alltför långt ifrån varandra...)

2005-11-02 @ 15:51:45
Posted by: Povd

Dear David Fridlund,

Unfortunately, your records don´t get here to Lisbon, Portugal, easily, but I have to say that you are one of the few great composers/interpreters of the current times in the modern pop english sang music scene. Keep it up with the good work and keep sending us our way your enchanting english tunes.

Good Luck!

2005-11-02 @ 18:16:58
Posted by: David

Dear Povd/Anna! Thanx a lot!! I'm so glad my music is finding its way around the world. Portugal or Sweden - it's encouraging to hear so many nice words!
Thank you :-)

2005-11-02 @ 19:38:47
Posted by: m

Otroligt snygga bilder. Det va magi men jag tror att det kunde varit an mer om nogon hade tankt till lite till pa ljudet. David och Sara sjong fran taket men oianot kom rakt framifran. det va det enda jag tyckte va lite synd. Ett tips till ljudteknikerprasten nasta gang. Micka pianot.

Posted by: Sara

Körerna i slutet skulle jag kunna ha som ett mantra - VARJE DAG - men det behövs ju inte för jag har dig. Och det, min vän, är 1000 gånger bättre än någonting annat. Tack för ytterligare en kanonfin låt. Jag älskar dig också :-*

2005-11-04 @ 11:22:42
Posted by: Anders Narling

Tjenix! Sitter och lyssnar på "me against you" för andra gången och måste tacka för ännu en mkt bra låt. Hoppas ni dyker upp här i Sthlm snart. Såg att ni skulle lira med Citizens om ca en månad. Hoppas verkligen att jag inte är i vildmarken då. Skulle verkligen vara jättekuligt att få se er igen. Ha det bäst och hälsa alla!

2005-11-04 @ 15:42:49
Posted by: Tove

Det är en väldigt vacker låt, det tog tre lyssningar innan jag riktigt föll för den, men den är vackert nedstämd och lugn.

2005-11-05 @ 14:25:37
Posted by: Marika

Tack Anders. Nu blir d till att kika på videon.

2005-11-06 @ 11:14:09
Posted by: Viktor

Hej David! Underbar låt som växer desto fler gånger man lyssnar på den. Härligt avslappnad känsla i den. Får en känsla av hmm, inte vemod men lite...svårt att sätta ord på mina tankar men den skapar verkligen en speciell känsla hos mig. Vilket jag anser större än "bara en skön låt för stunden". Tack än en gång david! Du( och The citizens) förgyller min vardag!

Ses på Mondo.


2005-11-06 @ 13:06:23
Posted by: Micke Orgel

Hej David!
Det är verkligen en underbar låt du lagt upp. Jag har skrivit om den här ->

2005-11-11 @ 18:07:07
Posted by: Ric Wallis

I quite enjoyed your song "Me Against You". Very nice whammy bar guitar part, very distinctive, felt retro 60s-ish and a nice contrast against the drum sound. Nice lyrics, too.
To add to the international flair of your board here, I'll just mention that I'm posting this from Taipei, Taiwan.
Hope to hear more of your songs,
Ric Wallis/Red 23

2005-11-22 @ 13:45:18
Posted by: agnete

I love this song! I've been looking around for where to buy it, but i guess that's not possible yet. It's been stuck in my head ever since i heard it the first time, and I think it sounds very professional and I was really surpriced to read that the guy behind it has trouble paying the rent, like the rest of us... -If I had a recordlabel I'd sign you up right away.
It is too bad that i've just discovered you cause i would have loved to be at the gig at Stengade in september... -will you be visiting Denmark again soon?
You said you'd like comments on the songs so I'll write one about the In to my arms-cover as well, as much as i love "Me against you" I'm not so sure about this one. I love the original and maybe that's why. I think it's too close to the original, -I often think covers are... -maybe it would be more interesting to bring the song further away....?

But thank you very much for the wonnderful song! I hope I get a chance to get my hands on it sometime in the future =)

2006-01-10 @ 00:57:47
Posted by: Siri, Norrköping

En mycket mycket bra låt.
Jag väntar fortfarande på att få se er med nytt material.
Blev grymt besviken på att Mondospelningen för någon månad sedan blev inställd.
Dock såg jag er på loppen december 2004, men det var ett år sedan nu.

2006-01-10 @ 16:07:23
Posted by: david

Agnete- I'm really glad you like "Me Against You"! No, you can't buy it yet, but I'm pretty sure it will be released on my next solo album. Also nice with your feedback on the cover.My version is pretty close to the original in the melody of the vocals, but I tried to add something of myself in the build up of the song - such as adding drums and stuff, which Mr. Cave does not have on the original..:-) You do know that I have released an album called "Amaterasu"? You can order it here:

Siri - Kul att du tycker om låten. Jasså du var på Loppen? En av de tre glada Norrköpingsborna ;-)? (ni blev nog filmade till DVD:n...) Det var ju iochförsig en spelning med David & the Citizens...mondospelningen var också en citizens pryl och det här är ju min "soloartist-sida", men, det vet du ju. Vi skall börja spela in nytt med Citizens snart, så det kommer en skiva.Någon gång. Ha det fint!

2006-01-10 @ 23:14:37
Posted by: agnete

hi again. i was quite hard on "into my arms" and i've heard it some more, and i'll drop another comment... just ignore them if you get tired of reading them =) -i really like the drums and the horns and "stuff" =) i think it's the start which bores me a bit (-that sounds harsh too..) but i was thinking, i'm not a musician or anything so what do i know... but i just came to think of that maybe a womans backgroundvocals would be cool...? not all over but maybe just in the refr.? (if that's what it's called)
and thanks for answering -i think it's great that you aren't too big a star yet =) and i'll go listen to your other album while desapaiting the next.

2006-01-11 @ 23:36:34
Posted by: david

Agnete - musicians often think they know best. They don't. I thought about turning "Into My Arms" into a duett, I didn't do it for this recording, but maybe I will later on...
And feel free to comment on my work. One of the advantages of having a blog is to be able to communicate with my listeners so keep it up!
Take care!

2006-01-13 @ 11:34:54
Posted by: parol

Kjempe kuuuul hjemmeside du har.

2006-04-04 @ 21:44:50
Posted by: Martin

punk clothes

2006-10-03 @ 03:48:35

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