Yo La Tengo

So my brother acted a sponsor yesterday and offered to pay a ticket for me and Sara to go out and see Yo La Tengo at KB in Malmö. We gladly and gratefully accepted and off we went.
Now - I haven't really been listening a lot to them except for "Then nothing turned itself inside out" which I love, but whenever Sara has played something from them I have always thought it sounded really good. And the show last night was really amazing! It is right up there on my top...4 along with
Neutral Milk Hotel at Studion, sthlm in 1998
Elliot Smith, Studion 1998
Lambshop, KB 2003 (?)

I hope I will be as cool as Yo La Tengo when I am their age. To bee that cool and to make music that is so curious and forward and young and...amazing...not a lot of bands can do that even when they're 20.
The show was about 2 hours and it wasn't boring for one second. Ok, there was one track that kind of felt more like filling out spaces, having fun with the guitarr. They had a guy standing by the keyboard on that track, looking really bored and tired. Don't know exactly wat he was doing.
They ended the whole show with a song that Sara shouted for them to play  - "Detouring America With Horns". And Sara was happy!

Posted by: Sara

Happy - does not really cover it... Psyched, ecstatic or lyric would be more appropriate!!!!!!!!! Yo La Tengo RULES!!!!!!!!! :O) I'm moving to Hoboken.

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