We are now in Bern, Switzerland. Tonight will be the last night on this tour since the Munich gig tomorrow has been cancelled due to problems with the festival...
Bern seems like a beatiful city - had a walk around to quickly see the sights. Zurich last night was a disaster, it really felt like we were just in the way. We were late to get there and The main act - nikola from Millencollin - was even more late. We ended up doing a five minutes soundcheck. When we started playing they had hardly even opened the doors, so there was basically nobody watching the gig. We did the best we could out of it all the same.
The Citizens webpage has broken down - apparantly there have been too many visitors which I guess is a good thing.
I love being on tour - love to see new cities, but none the less I am starting to get a little bit homesick. I miss Beppe. And my piano. And my own bed. i dont miss Malmoe though - compared to Berlin, Zurich or Bern it is a shit hole of a city. But I like living there.
Got to go soundchecking now.

Posted by: Sara

I want to listen to your new solo album - right now! I don't really think people know just HOW great it will be! It puts pop music right back where it should be - In my heart and will do the same with a lot of other people's hearts as well. They're the best songs you've ever written :O)
And I'm not saying this just because... I for one knows music.


Posted by: sebl

thats so true...
i just heard that take that are n°1 again after ten years...
people will never appreciate your music as they should :)
its time for you to take over the billboard...

best wishes, sebl

2006-12-01 @ 10:48:16

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