So I´ve been away for a week or two and what do I see when I log in? Well something like 54 spams telling me everything I need to know about small boobs, big boobs, teenage porn, fxxking and whatever... It sickens me and most of all it really makes me sad.

Tonight Sara opened for Juliana Hatfield at KB in Malmö. It was a good show although Sara said it wasn´t good enough. Which it really was. We had a good night at KB and continued with a really nice little afterparty at our place.Juliana was really sweet and nice to talk to.
Yesterday we went to Inkonst to watch "Vitaminsforyou" which was really really good!

Today I got my drivers licence!! (I haven´t even told my friends or my band that I´ve been taking lessons...)

I have to go to bed now. Tomorrow we´re having breakfast with Bryce from "Vitamins For You" and his friend Sara", so I really should sleep now. Really. Really!!


Posted by: Albin


2006-11-11 @ 10:58:25
Posted by: Matte

Grattis! Nu kan vi köra chicken race på götgatan nästa gång vi ses på söder.

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