While In Germany, Do As the Germans

Right - we´re in Germany and right now I´m at the hostel where we´re staying, it´s called Alcatraz, so we´ll probably never leave unless we dig a whole behind the toilet and swim across the Elbe. Or something...
Been out walking, seeing the sights with Sara for a couple of hours. We had a great breakfast/brunch at a cosy smoky café. We sat out in the sun and it was really warm. Too warm to be mid-November,really. I had a Latte Machiato that was super.Everybody is smoking here - wherever you go, there is somebody sucking a cancer-stick. Germans - they just never learn ;-)
Saw a sign that read: Ola Schmuck, hehe...Wish I had a digital camera to document everything. I love Berlin - so many nice and cosy bars and cafés, streets and sushiplaces. We went over to the  holocost memorial place by Unter den Linden. It was impressive. Just a lot of grey big stones in diffrerent sizes, but the ground is never flat, so it feels like being on a ship rolling on the waves as you walk along the lines of stones. Impressive. A guy was playing guitar in the subway and we thought we should try to do the same. Maybe in Rotterdam where we´re going tomorrow?
We went to the great Tv tower - the Fernsehen Turm - to go up and watch the view, but it was too expensive for us unfortunately. Have to eat while on the road as well, so the tv turm will have to wait for us until the next time...
We ended the whole day going to this weired place called "White Trash". From the outside it just looks like a china food place, but  once inside it´s the coolest rock bar - big place with tattoed waitresses that serve Big hamburgers. Really cool, rockish, but at the same time cosy and mellow atmosphere. Had a beer and sat down for a while but I got tired and we headed back to Alcatraz. Now we´re off to bed. Long drive to Rotterdam tomorrow.
Feet are aching and probably smelling as well. Tired.

Posted by: Mango

Hej David!

Hur är läget? Sköntmannen kommer och möter upp er på turnén snart. Ni får komma och spela skivor någon annan gång här i sthlm.

Varma hälsningar

2006-11-17 @ 21:58:13

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