A Reason to Keep Struggling: a letter from a stranger made my day

Hi, David. Unfortunately for me I cannot read Swedish, so this may be a completely inappropriate response to this blog post, but I wanted to say that I just found the Youtube videos of the new songs you recorded in your living room in September. Wow, the song "Line" is superb and immediately struck a chord with me. I am so very much looking forward to a second David Fridlund solo album. As I said, I can't read Swedish, so I don't know how that's coming along, but I want to wish you the best of luck with it. I've kept up with your myspace blog in English, and it pained me to hear of you struggling financially, so I was wondering if there's some way your fans could make a direct donation toward helping you continue to write and record your music. I probably couldn't offer you enough to rent a recording studio , but it would feel nice to at least buy you a good dinner. :) Best wishes from the USA, -Brendan

This one I write in English, sine the above letter is from an American. I just wanted to share this with everyone because it warmed my heart and it really made my day.
Brendan - I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing such warming words to me!

And while on the subject, I will soon, very soon post a few new songs for free download...direct donations will be an alternative for those who want to pay something for the songs.
I'll be sure to make a BIG announcement about it when it happens.


Posted by: viktor

Lovley David! Ser från något enormt. Så länge går jag in dagligen och njuter av Dont go down. Svårt att rangorna dina låtar men den gör sig bra tillsammans med favvosarna me against you, song against life, glued to the light, 4th of juli, Divine, Satellite, something not sunlight, Betina...

Fan, är ju helt sjukt att du inte fyller globen och typ sover på en bädd av rysk kaviar med ditt matreal...

lycka till, hoppas det låstnar snart!

2007-12-04 @ 23:30:36
Posted by: David

Ha ha, en bädd av rysk kaviar...kletigt ;-) men tack så jättemycket!

2007-12-05 @ 09:47:07
Posted by: Sandra

oj, nya låtar? då har man något att se fram emot!
hoppas allt går som de ska!


2007-12-05 @ 16:19:39

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