Tonight I had A Dream...

...I dreamt I was going somewhere with my band, but I don't know what band it was. We had spent a day at some school, an old strange building with lots of stairs and hidden passages. We where in the van and just about to leave when I realized I had left Sara behind, so I jumped out of the car and ran back to the house where she lived and I ran up the stairs to her room and called out for her as I ran. She opened her door - she had sleep in her eyes and a pyjamas or something and she looked at me, a bit confused. I asked her if she didn't want to come with me, but she said "no, not this time - I'm staying here, you can go without me..." I was so sad but I couldn't stop to argue because the others were waiting for me. I ran back down to the parking lot only to discover they had left without me...

In real life, I am still working hard with the recording of the new David & the Citizens album. It will turn out really good, I'm sure. Right now I am just tired of the damn songs. ;-)

Posted by: Sara

I'm with you always - ALWAYS!
They/We are not a band if you're not there - NEVER!
Love you always,

2006-02-27 @ 18:10:12
Posted by: Anders

What a cute picture!
Nightmares are unpleasant, but strangely fascinating at the same time.

Posted by: Kogo

Maybe you feel bad not spending enough time with your Sara. Then unconsiously you know thats not the true so she says its ok. Or "It was just a dream". Had a period in life when I didnt dream at all. Happy today that I have lots of dreams. Anyway just wanted to say keep up the good work and looking forward to the new album.

2006-03-13 @ 14:42:49
Posted by: david

spot on! I feel like I've been away from her forever, even though we've only spent one night apart the past year. I love dreams, I used to dream a lot of crazy stuff two or three years ago, but I'm in a low period now. After my mother died I dreamt I met her and sat down to talk with her all the time. Over the years I see her more seldom which is kind of sad...

2006-03-13 @ 18:04:28
Posted by: Kogo

Well.. Maybe you are trying to let go of her. There is always a lot of things one wished to say to the ones that pass away before it was too late. Maybe she visited your dreams to comfort you?

2006-04-04 @ 14:41:54

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