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So we drove 600 km on Saturday me and my band in a small car, to play in a church. It was a good gig as usual, but it is always kind of strange to perform for an audience that you can tell have never listened to your music before. I think most of them were too young to ever have been to a concert before...Some girls wanted to buy my CD afterwards and asked how much it was - they only had 10 swedish kronor ( almost 1 US dollar) and wanted to know if they could get it for that price...:-/ hehe...

We had a music room as our backstage and there were 3 pianos in there, so we spent a couple of hours trying to do at least one song together, but with little luck. My bass player Rickard drove from Stockholm and brought us a little alcohol to have a nice little after party ( the church we played in was a real church, with real christian people - so drinks were not on the house this time...)

Woke up around 10 and had breakfast and then we drove the 600 km back home to Malmö again on small roads as the snow started falling. Came home around half past seven pm, had something to eat and crashed in the sofa watching "Resident Evil" on tv. It wasn't very good. Now me and Sara are about to walk up to the rehearsal place to work on some of her new stuff. The snow is falling. It is a beautiful day.

Posted by: Sara

Well - the result was:
Tight drums on wolflike they are
Thanx to you my love!

2006-02-06 @ 20:08:10
Posted by: Andreas Bengtsson

Tjena David!
long time sedan senast...
har precis kommit hem från vår tysklandsturné och skall ha en försenad releasefest på bodoni den 3 mars som du och dina vänner är hjärtligt välkomna till.Gratis inträde och fet fest! Hoppas allt är bra och att det går bra för er. hör gärna av dig, ...hälsn. Stöparn´

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