...for never being here. I´ve been really busy recording the new album with David & the Citizens. We´ve been working in the studio for about a week now and it is taking all my time. We´re in the studio 12-15 hours a day... But please don´t give up on me - I will write more here as soon as I can. There is a tour in the planning, hopefully in May. I will go to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, so keep checking for updates!

Posted by: holyLisaholy

DAVID! Im (so fucking) holy singer/songwriter som de flesta nu förtiden men som förösker göra singer/songwriting...mer till visa och ibland visan mer till grunge. Jag bor just nu i Köpenhamn där jag försöker dra till mig gig och medmusiker. Ni som håller till i Malmö har inga sjysst tips, på antingen hyggliga ställen i Malmö eller självklart i Köpenhamn. Eller javisst gå in på min hemsida (under reparation)och lyssna på en bit och visst vill väl då alla ha en holyLisaholy som bagage! du imponerar på mig vid varje ny låt. Tack/holylisaholy

2006-02-19 @ 23:59:19
Posted by: sebl

i'm really looking forward for the new citizens cd, i just received the dvd, some great stuff on it!

i hope you play a gig in innsbruck (austria) on upcoming tour :)

best wishes

Posted by: david

Hi Sebl!

I hope to play Innsbruck as least I know I´m going to Austria, but not which cities. Maybe I´ll see you then.

2006-02-21 @ 16:14:55
Posted by: Aroe

Hello~! This is just a little greeting from a fan from France, quite eager to listen to the new things~! Good luck for all (or, as in my country, it is rumored that wishing someone 'good luck' actually brings bad luck ,we say 'shit!' instead, but I'm afraid this could be misinterpretted,so I won't say it :P). We know you'll deliver a jewel!

2006-02-23 @ 21:01:11

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