The Planet Is F***ing Dying (and whatcha gonna do)?

Monday night. Sitting by the computer trying to stay awake - after all it´s only a quarter to ten and I am grown up and grown ups don't go to bed this early unless they work the graveyard shift or something.

Went out Sunday driving yesterday, me and Sara. Didn't really do much but we took a trip by the nowadays abandoned nuclear power plant in Barsebäck. The Danes hated it all the time as it was actually up and running and just a while ago it was shut down by the government. Just as well - I hate nuclear power, it scares the shit out of me…i remember when I was a kid my mum and stepfather had this cartoon magazine about an old couple living in the countryside in England. One day war is declared and they drop the big bomb. Everybody dies, the radio is silent and not a living soul is heard or seen. This old couple try to keep living their life but in the end the radiation gets them both. I used to read that magazine over and over. I was so fascinated and scared at the same time.

Anyway, me and Sara helped poisoning the planet a little when driving around in the countryside of Skåne. We came to a flea market somewhere and Sara and the guy running it came to talk about pollution and the fact that a lot of parts of Sweden will be under sea level in just about 20 or so years. Asked if he wasn't afraid that the water by his house would rise, but all he said was that he thought it was nice to have warmer winters, more sun and don't have to worry about changing the tires on the car…Jeesuss…no wonder the world is rapidly coming to an end when nobody really takes it seriously anyway. But that's how they all see it, isn't it?

- "Lovely weather, isn't it? Don't have to take a trip this year, might as well stay at home and get a tan in the garden this winter?!" (must be said by a really British accent ) (or a really Swedish one perhaps)

Changing subject now:
You know I still think about my solo album #2 every day. And though I have been really busy lately with the Citizens, playing live and stuff, I am actually working on said record as often as I can. I recorded two songs a while ago - one is up on
my MySpace where you can listen to it as much as you feel like. It's just a raw version of it, but none the less…
I've been working as a maniac with a new one that I am doing on piano, but I can't really get the lyrics together so that one will have to wait for a while. Bastard song.

I am turning 32 on the 17th of Dec. I have a drivers license. I am actually growing up. Maybe. Just need a proper job now. Borrowed money to pay the rent. Bills piling up at the kitchen table.
? very fun indeed.

And before I quit I urge you all to check out this! Good shit!

Here's a picture of me sweating it out at Obstwiesen Festival in Germany this summer taken by an Austrian friend.

Posted by: Terje

Hej! Grattis till körkortet. Se bara till att inte fästa dig vid den nedsmustande bilismen för mycket=)Bra och läskig återberättelse om klimatopinionen i Sverige. Har själv stött på allt för många exempel! På lång sikt kan man väl hoppas att allt ökat resande ger bättre förståelse för konsekvenserna vid resmålen. Men då kanske det redan är för sent=/

Innan dess hoppas jag på din andra soloskiva och jag hoppas på både "Simple Mathematics" och "You against me" (en av de allra bästa!) som spår på skivan! Lycka till!!

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