Heard It All Before?

Yes, you´ve heard it all before. Im broke. Again. My brother came by here yesterday and slipped me a 100 kr but apart from that I have nothing. And the rent is due. And the bills are lying in a pretty little pile on the kitchen table, but I can´t pay them now.It´s just the way it is. I try to look for jobs, but everytime I really try I get depressed and wonder what it´s all good for anyway?  Sometimes i think I wasn´t born for this world. It all seems so futile anyway, the whole have a job - and be happy with it - philosophy. We just came home from a two weeks tour in Germany, Holland, Austria and Switzerland and beeing back in Malmö is just depressing. Such a grey, flat, unexiting city it is...beautiful in spring and summer sure, but in the winter it´s just dull.

On the day we left Malmö to go on this tour, I got my drivers licence - went to the post office on the way out from the city and i had lots of oportunities to practise my driving skills. After only two weeks as a driver, I have already driven in Sweden,Denmark,Germany,Holland,Switzerland and Austria. Not bad for a beginner!

We had such a great tour this time and met a lot of wonderful people. Of course I can´t remember most of their names, but Uli in Köln/Munich, Justin who runs Weekender - the club in Innsbruck, Barny from ISC in Bern, David at Chelsea in Wienna and Sebl + friends...many forgotten here, but thanx anyway...!
it´s just so much fun to have the oportunity to see all these different cities and to meet all these great people and when that world collides with your everyday- life, it is just a sad reminder that touring is not the "real life" it is more like a bubble of fun. Hard work for sure, but fun!
Ok, I admit that there are a lot of things that I love in the everyday life as well. It´s great beeing at home, cos I love my apartment (lived in it for 7 years now and still love it) and it was really good to see Beppe (our cat) again. And he sure seemed happy to see us as well. And tomorrow we´re going over to our dear friends David and Therese (don´t know how she spells it) for a quiet evening of friends and wine. And as soon as I get well (both me and Sara have been sick since we got home) I am heading straight down to the open air bath for a couple of hours. It is the best cure for depressions or bad mood or whatever.

Posted by: Mango

Hej David! Hur är läget? Jag kommer ner till Malmö på måndag, kanske kan vi leka nån dag. Ha det fint...


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