Sunday Driving

I just got home from a couple of hours driving around in the beautiful October landscape.(oh, well I don't have a drivers license.Yet. But Saras mum does...) Man, it's beautiful now with all the colours in the trees and the clear blue sky and the dark blue sea!  I know It sounds like I work for the tourist agency, but if you have experienced Skåne (the south of Sweden), you know what I'm talking about.
Today we drove down to Smygehuk which is as far south you can go in Sweden. We stopped in the small harbour for a herring sandwich which was SO good! The landscape surrounding Malmö is just so beautiful and I really can't see myself living somewhere else. (ok, maybe one day I´ll try Copenhagen...).

Me and Sara went out walking yesterday, we went through the city down to the harbour (there was/still is a photo exhibition with pictures of Skåne taken from the air.Really nice!)  where new apartment buildings are popping up all around.That whole area used to be industrial before. There used to be a shipyard and a huge crane which was kind of a symbol for Malmö. But everything shut down a couple of years ago and instead they built us a skyscraper (!) which is a beautiful building, but really has no other purpose than to be something to brag about and show the tourists. The rent for a two room apartment is ridiculous and there's not even a restaurant at the top of the damn thing. It's a building for people with money to spend and to me it has got nothing to do with ordinary people.
But everything is about money, isn't it? Money money money, fucking money. It is the only thing I haven't got. My economy is so bad these days, I don't know what to do. I'm soon to be 31 and I still have to call my father to help me  pay  the bills now and then. I'm looking for a job, I even concidered getting one of those telephone jobs where you call people up and try to sell them all kinds of bullshit. But every time I read the adds I get sick and want to throw up. "We're looking for a person who LOVES to compete and LOVES to make money..."
Fuckin´idiots. Not my cup of tea.
I don't need a lot of money, all I ask for is enough to pay the rent, take my dear girlfriend out for dinner and movie now and then and maybe buy some clothes. I'm not a big spender ´cause I'm not interested in buying things.There's nothing I want.

I want to make music and the past week has been really good when it comes to that; I've written four new songs. I´m not sure if they are Citizens songs or songs for the David Fridlund project. I have to think about it.

Got to go now, we're defrosting the fridge.

Posted by: Fredrik

Where do all the money from the cd:s go? The musiccompany?
Hey, call them next time you want to pay your rent! "well, mr music-owner, if I can't pay my rent I can't make any more cd:s, so cough up some green please!"

2005-10-18 @ 12:08:18
Posted by: Tomas E

Just det, Magnus! Sitt inte o tjyvhåll på alla miljonerna...

2005-10-18 @ 20:21:57
Posted by: JC

david, we could sell you on ebay, but then that wouldn;t solve the problem...then we would be without david.

hey more seriosuly (cos I am grown up y'know!)

The stuff about malmo and nature is beautiful, i enjoyed readying. The car: You only have to ever pass that test ONCE. then it is done.....

Also, the stuff about wanting small things in life: THE BEST THINGS ARE FREE - give them, some people take and don;t give. Some take and also spit at you afterwards. COs that's some selfish people, but in general what goes around comes around, so when those buggers are at the top of the new skyscrapper looking down from up there............giod how lonely it must be....... at least down at heal there is love and MUCH LESS fear.

If I had a million pounds I would only be afriad of a)not having it b) losing c) turning it into ten million.

when we have milloion we are poor cos Bill gates has 6 trillion.....

it is all relative .....

some people are not so farsighted to see that what we canot be today we can be tomorrow.....
What the fuck, the world is richer for the music you have made.


There is no monetery value to timeles music. yours is timeless.


2005-10-19 @ 23:28:48
Posted by: David

Jason. Thank you so much.It helps to hear things like that! :-) It's not the lack of money that worries, it's being unable to pay the f***ing rent. Well, it'll all work out in the end... Take care man! Love you.

2005-10-20 @ 11:38:42

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