Some pics from the Germany/Austria-tour


1.On stage, Berlin
2. Pfefferbank
3.In a cornfield in Austria
4.Sara at Shilleroper, Hamburg
5.Eehh? Berlin, late night...
6.John and Sara at Pfefferberg, Berlin
7.Bunkicki'n John, Hamburg
8.In a couch, Berlin
9.John Cleese? (Tomas Ebrelius)
12.In Bremen
13.At Prager Frühling in Münich
14.Outside Premysl,Vöcklamarckt
15.The band, Münich
16.Sara at a café in Vienna (good coffee!)
17.We played some songs live on the radio in Kassel (Thomas was there as well.We did "Then I Will Miss You" and "Circles" on guitar,vocals,keyboard and viola.Beautiful!
18.Annette & Sara on the slopes outside Vornach (Austria) (yes, they're small and far away, but they're  out there In the Sound of Music-ish landscape!)
19.Annette, our merchandicer/driver at a squathouse in Hamburg

Posted by: JC

What the hell! Sheeet, when you arrive in a town with a Welcome to sign made of you it kicks the arse out of the "Welcome to Coventry (or whatever) proud to be twinned with Uckbacknez, Poland" type signs we usually get.

You Trooper!

Posted by: Sabrina

I made lots of pics as well, is anyone interested?

2005-10-05 @ 11:32:03
Posted by: David

sure! Pictures are always fun! Digital or old style "analog"?

2005-10-05 @ 14:26:14
Posted by: Tomas E

Äntligen, va kul!

2005-10-06 @ 12:02:12
Posted by: David


2005-10-06 @ 13:08:08
Posted by: Kina

Where are all the luxury hotel partys??? Thought you were all about that! That's what the rumours say...?

2005-10-07 @ 23:10:54
Posted by: Sara

They were all there but we like to keep them in a low profile. Especially the ones in the first and third city... ;-)

2005-10-10 @ 10:04:31
Posted by: D

kakandoran! :-)puss till dig min duva!

2005-10-10 @ 18:24:24
Posted by: ann1

var är baguetten!? censur! censur!;)

2005-10-13 @ 17:19:48
Posted by: David

Jag vågar inte visa dom bilderna, folk kommer tro vi är helt dumma i huvudet, eller hur? ;-)

2005-10-13 @ 21:15:17
Posted by: Sabrina

Finally my pics. Sorry it took me so long to load them up but I have no internet connection in my flat. I'm a poor student. :)

I hope the link works! :S And please don't laugh about my not existing talent for taking pics! ^__^

Posted by: David

The link works alright!I'm not laughing.Not at the quality of the pictures anyway, maybe at the small guy with the big head behind the piano... ;-)
Take care!

2005-10-18 @ 10:05:17
Posted by: Tomas E

The delay was only an extra treat, it's exciting to see the pictures now when I'm starting to forget details about the tour. Thanks a lot!!!

2005-10-23 @ 00:36:20
Posted by: Anonym

hi azze

2006-01-26 @ 14:09:06

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