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It is the 1st of December and I just got home from yet another day working at the rehearsal place. I' ve been working on one song for two weeks now, which is definately some kind of record for me. Usually I give up after a day or two if it doesn't work out, but this one has been clinging on to me like glue and I just couldn't leave it until I felt happy with it. I' ve recorded it 5 times now, and maybe - just maybe, it' s finally done. But I'm not sure yet. I wanted it to connect with some other songs I' ve recently recorded, but there was something in it that didn't quite fit in with the rest. We'll see what comes out of all this. Hopefully, in the end, there will be a whole album for you all to listen to, and I can tell you now - it will be pretty different from Amaterasu. At least parts of it.

While shutting myself in, working on songs, I tend to forget the rest of the world and all the things you have to do when you're a grown up...  The bills are lying in a pile on the kitchen table and I'll have to leave them there since there is no money what so ever to pay them with. As usual...

And this god damn computer is falling apart any day now. I'll keep blogging until the bitter end!


Posted by: karin.

david, jag skulle kunna vara din mecenat. om jag hade pengar, vill säga. gladeligen skulle jag betala bara för att få höra dina låtar.

2005-12-01 @ 21:01:04
Posted by: JC

I wish I could write what iw antt o write here, but I fear something, and I would rather hold back, stuff which I think I have previously said to you - right now where I am is a horrible place, a place of hardship - but worse than money, they are depreived of open minds and culture, that is when I think people are, heavy man!

2005-12-02 @ 02:58:18
Posted by: Anonym

blablabla all this whining all you guys just have to do is grow up!

2005-12-02 @ 10:58:16
Posted by: JC

I'll speak for myself here, but perhpas the version of growing up presented all around is not what this man wnats, perhaps growing up meands getting back to child? Go work that one is fine, there are four limbs on this body, and how music, how people, how my mind keeps me intact..... music is the food of life, and words a blessing we have over a stone, a dog, a bird is the only thing i envy.

2005-12-03 @ 22:31:42
Posted by: Bokaren

Hej David,

Du har fått mail!
En kommentar till denna fina sidan är att det kanske vore bra om man tydligare kunde hitta dina låtar? Just nu lígger de väl blandade med dina texter?

2005-12-05 @ 14:56:04
Posted by: David

ja, tanken har slagit mig. Jag skall fixa detta!

2005-12-05 @ 16:00:58

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