Into My Arms

A couple of years ago (half a decade), before Sara and I were an item, she gave me a mix tape with a lot of beautiful songs on it. It was a declaration of love and I remember laying in bed listening to this tape, thinking...oh well I was thinking a lot of things at the same time...The point is that it was a beautiful tape and I listened to it a lot. Two weeks ago I found that tape again, it had kind of vanished for some time.
The first song on side A is "Into My Arms" by Nick Cave.  Before I got this tape, I had never really listened to Mr. Cave, my years at art school made me lose interest in his music since everyone at artschool always listen to Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, The Cure, The Smiths and so on...I was fed up with his music before I even got a chance to listen to it properly. Now I am starting to realize what a great songwriter he is. It only took about ten years to get it...;-)
Anyway; I found the tape with "Into My Arms" on it and thought I'd do a cover of it. So last week I spent a couple of hours at the rehearsal place and recorded my version of it.
Here it is:
Into My Arms

Posted by: fredrik

I like your cover of "Into My Arms", thanks!

2006-01-05 @ 15:00:19
Posted by: Sara

Jag älskar dig.

2006-01-06 @ 00:05:39
Posted by: jc

you the man....good to see man stick his neck out and cdeclare his innings ....

2006-01-07 @ 01:45:45
Posted by: automedusa

Holy shit!
This is beautiful...
You have a new fan in Mexico.

Posted by: Casey

Surprised there aren't more comments. Very Nice.

2006-01-08 @ 20:49:14
Posted by: Hanzan

Jag älskar Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds väldig mycket. Snarare trots hans arty känsla än något annat. (Har fortfarande svårt för Tom Waits) Men den här en cover som faktiskt klarar av att... usch. Nej nu håller jag på att bli så där halvjobbigt överanalyserande. Det här var bra. Mycket bra. Tack!

2006-01-12 @ 03:42:42
Posted by: Joanna

Hi, I just discovered your stuff through I think it was the Fingertips newsletter, I have not had any new music in aaaaaages because i got into a rut and then I never heard any good songs on the radio etc. so i thought there was no music out there for me! Thank goodness for the internet and for musicians like you who put it out there. I hate the way the big music business is making people feel like criminals for downloading things to their mp3 players so they can have it at the gym. mp3 is not evil, it just gets people listening. btw I downloaded some of Sarah's songs too and if you guys are ever in Toronto I would totally pay to see a concert.

2006-01-12 @ 03:58:10
Posted by: Caspar Tribler

What a nice song to do a cover of. Brilliant! Just wants to congratulate with the year that passed. I'm a witer for the Danish Music Magazine Soundvenue, and your album made it into my top ten of the year - which you also can see at my webpage. Read my review for soundvenue here:
Hope to see you live in Denmark soon :-)

2006-01-13 @ 12:38:15
Posted by: Je Suis

Dear DF, I've been listening to your music for about a year now (via Said The Gramaphone) and I tell everyone I know about you. Thank-you for making this beautiful cover

2006-01-22 @ 06:15:58
Posted by: david

Ju Suis - thank you so much, that was a very nice little review you've done on your blog! Thanx a lot :-)

2006-01-22 @ 14:00:40
Posted by: Ryan H

Greetings from Kansas! Thank you, David, for creating and sharing such beautiful music.

2006-02-03 @ 21:52:08
Posted by: Vasco

I´m a big fan of Nick. And I really loved this cover of David Fridlund. It´s beautiful and unique.
Hope to see you live in Portugal soon.

2006-02-17 @ 17:08:22

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