Day three.

Blogging in Swedish is over for a while, people write to me all the time, wanting me to write in English - so here goes...:

  Day no. two in the Fashion Police studio, Stockholm is over. It was a very creative day, started out doing the piano foundation on "With Every New Day" and all in all I've now done the piano on eight tracks + drums on four of them.
We took an early night yesterday since I had a dinner invitation waiting. Today I guess we'll start where we left off last night - getting the drums done on "When You Leave" which is kind of a ballad with powerful choruses and a mighty horn arrangement that is yet to be done.
So many songs and so little time... I could stay in the studio for two weeks straight and easily have tons of things to do all the time. I have a good feeling about this session. It'll be great! My friend Daniel is hanging out here too, he played in my first band about ten years ago...he'll be doing some guitars and stuff.
We finished off last night by watching some funny utube clips, a hillarious one where to dead drunk men are trying to lift a big fucking heavy log up onto a bike, well, ...move it to somehere...they're not doing a too good a job...not even after taking off the shirt.

Stockholm is nice. I don't think I'd  want to move here again, cause I know how hard it is to find a place to live here...but I guess it's the same in Malmö these days. I remember how it used to be, way back in 1998 when I moved there. I looked up the number to a landlord,called them and told them I was looking for an apartment and the woman answered "ok, where in Malmö would you like to live?" About five minutes later I had an apartment!First hand lease.
Those were the days...

This morning I was walking around for a while just passing time until eleven and I got high on nothing. I just got into a vibe where everything was beautiful wherever I was looking. The grey heavy rain clouds hanging over the city, the empty streets, the wind playing in the surface of the water in Stockholm city. Even riding on the subway felt like a bliss and I took a deep breath as I entered the subway station at Medborgarplatsen.
Now I feel like the bigest cliché as I am sitting at a café with my laptop, drinking coffee and writing this. I just love feeling like a visitor, love walking around not having anything to do, no musts hanging over me, no job to go to, no rent to pay ( I whish!) and some money in my pocket to buy a coffee somewhere and just sit and look out the window all by myself.
I'm thinking about what I will name the record when it's done. That is always a hard nut to crack.
Oh well, it'll just have to wait for the time being.
Day 3 is about to begin and I am ready!


Daniel Jansson, a laptop, Magnus Josefsson fixing something, me playing the drums, Magnus and Daniel and then me at the drums again...

Posted by: Pernilla

Härligt att ni är igång. Längtar tills skivan är klart =)

Posted by: daniel

oh yes, finally I can understand what you are writing :-)

2008-11-30 @ 20:46:20

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