Malmö - land of the pee,home of the grey

Wednesday came much too quickly. Six days of fun passed just like that. Fun and hard work, I should add.
Now I'm on the train going back to Malmö and already after one stop, the train is delayed 45 minutes. I have no idea how they did it, but in Stockholm (that's where the train departed from) they actually managed to drive the wrong train to the wrong platform. Everyone going to Gothenburg got on the train to Malmö and vice versa, so it took a while before we started rolling. I don't mind though - I've got nothing better to do anyway...
As we drive through the pitch black landscape,  passing old familiar places,I think of all the times me and my brother travelled the same way when we were kids, going from mom to dad or the other way around. How big an adventure itwas back then - it felt like a long, long way to go and we'd stock up on candy and comics to last through a whole weekend. Now - it's just another day in life passing, like the distance has shrunk - like a big hand has grabbed the country and squeezed it together into a much smaller ball.
I used to like those travels. My brother would usually get sick and throw up.

Results from six days in the studio:
Piano and drums on 13 tracks
vocals on 6 and a half
bass on 3

So my mission now that I get back home - practice the bass! That's the one thing I spent the most time doing re-takes on adn that just won't do.

Posted by: Makkadam

Way to go David!!

Jag väntar fortfarande med spänning på singeln ^^

2008-12-04 @ 21:37:36
Posted by: Pernilla

Här är en till som väntar och väntar med spänning :)

Posted by: Anonym

Du bara MÅSTE berätta om jordbävningen David! Det allra bästa vore ju om det kom med på inspelning (kl 06:30 på morgonen ^^)så man hör nån cymbal surra .-)

Var du vaken ens? Brevbärare har ju tidiga vanor och musiker brukar ha väldigt sena vanor .-)

2008-12-16 @ 19:22:13
Posted by: Makkadam

God jul.

Glasvegas julskiva är något att rekommendera .-D

2008-12-24 @ 10:20:11
Posted by: Makkadam

Det har hänt grejer på Facebook idag ser jag .-D Hade du tänkt sluta att blogga och flytta över allt skrivande dit? Med tanke på att det varit väldigt tyst här ett tag nu.

Hoppas året börjat bra i vilket fall!

2009-01-14 @ 17:59:18

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