This Entry Is For Sebl (and others who don't speak Swedish...)

I know it might be hard for you guys to understand what the hell I am writing here and I do apologize for it, but you see - I am a bit lazy when it comes to writing in English. I tend to write better in Swedish when I blog.

So what's new? Well, I am rehearsing with the new band as often as I can, but I got a job a month and a half ago, so I'm a bit busy know how it is...

We hope to go to China for some gigs in September, including Bejing Pop Festival.
Sara ( Culler - my girlfriend, if anyone has missed out on that - got booked for some shows and the Citizens got involved in the same project thanks to her!) I am really looking forward to it and I hope that it all works out, we are still working our asses off trying to find the money to do it. It's not a cheap trip going there five persons and instruments...

I have written a bunch of new songs and a while ago I put one of them up for listening on David & the Citizens My Space.

Today as I was working picking trash I found 100 kronor! Yey!

So Sebl and others - as soon as there are in fact news, I will write about it here and here and here
I promise.


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