I Quit.

There is just too much spam here. Spam, spam, spam and nopthing but spam.
I'm going do let this place be quiet for a while. I don't feel like writing and hardly no one ever visits anyway.
In the future I will be found blogging
HERE instead.
bye now.
Take care.

Posted by: sebl


i've been visiting your blog at least 3 or 4 times a week, just to see how you're doing and how the work on your new record is going on...

but it seems as if i have to get used to the myspace-stuff, although i do not like it (nevertheless i have my own account :))

i do have the same problems with penis enlargements and viagra, rolex... on my own hp, its annoying, but therefor i get at least 15 mails a day, makes me feel important :)

hope youre doing well!
best wishes

Posted by: Anonym

Men jag vill fortfarande ha dig här - Jag älskar dig här på denna blog.

2007-01-12 @ 23:21:05

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