We Survived Again

Yepp, we survived yet another trip to Germany. We (David & the Citizens) flew back and forth on the Autobahn without getting into a crash which I always expect will happen sooner or later. So far so good (knock on wood).
I really like Berlin I think it's a really cool city. I like the mixture of ruins / new buildings, cosy cafés / snobby designer bars. The rich and the poor. Old and the new. Dreadlocks and office rats with suits. East and west. And I like those mopeds they drive around on, they look really old and rusty, like the Trabants or something.

We played at Magnet at the PopCom festival. It was a good gig and a nice little afterparty. They had the backstage area in the same room where they kept all the beer, so there wasn't really any shortage of alcohol, but after one or two beers I was fed up with it so me and Sara went to the hostel. I'm glad she was with me so I didn't have to go on my own, that would have been really depressing...

Last night we played at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg and that was a gig worth to remember. Or not. I'm not going to complain about it, let's just say people were friendly but somewhat confused and I got the feeling nobody was really on top of things. All the techniqe somehow broke down at the same time - the monitors broke so they had to get new ones, the bass + the bass amp died and we didn't get to play more than 30 minutes due to all the problems because the curfew was at 23.30. Oh well, now I did complain...sorry ;-) Met my German label (Quintus and Simone on BB-Island, really nice guys) and a German couple who always show up when we play  (David Fridlund or David & the Citizens) and they are also really nice people and I like talking to them. I feel I wasn't as friendly yesterday as I should have been...if you read this - sorry ...

We got to our hotel (John was a hero and stayed sober to drive) and me and Sara stayed up chatting to two english guys that were roadies/tour managers/drivers or whatever for some English band that I can't remember the name of. We also took a short walk to Burger King for a late night snack, which was really good. And well needed since we never got our food tickets at the festival (here I go again, complaining buhu...sob sob ;-) )

I woke up with a hangover this morning, really looking forward to a nice hotel breakfast but it turned out breakfast was just a croisson (how the hell is that spelled... well you know what I mean?) and a cup of coffee. Buhu sob sob...

Beautiful weather throughout the trip.
I love being on the road. I honestly do!

Posted by: Matte

Har hört er på P3 två gånger på kort tid nu, och då lyssnar jag ändå nästan aldrig på P3. Bra va?! Sköt om dig.

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