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Time Flies

    My god how time flies...it's already been a month since I wrote here. A lot of things have been going on since then. I went to Ireland to play some bass and drums with Sara Culler. It was such a great trip, everyone was incredibly friendly and they took care of us in the best possible way. The show went great and the whole festival was really well aranged. We got to meet a lot of nice people and saw a whole bunch of great bands:

David Mc Nair
The Rivals
We Are Knives...

We were only there on the second day of the festival, so we probably missed out on a bunch of other great bands...but these were all really good.

After that me and Sara went back to Sweden and almost drowned in the most violent rain I think I've ever seen...we got of the bus from the airport and ran 20 meters to the train station and we might as well have taken a shower with our clothes on. Met a woman as we were eating sushi and we started talking about...sushi and whatever, she played the drums in a country band which she thought was so much fun..Arrived in Stockholm and spent the night at our friend Daniel's place. Got  up in the morning and went to this studio in the middle of the city where we spent the next three days and nights recording Sara's stuff. On Wednesday me and Magnus from the Citizens did this instore gig (which wasn't really in a store, but anyway...) at Pet Sounds bar which is a record store (Pet Sounds bar is really...a bar that is run by Pet Sounds the record store...). Sara came along and did backing vocals on four songs - thank you Sara - your help was needed... That was a good night, lot's of friends and faces I recognized. The day after we went to Gothenburg for another instore gig. Six hours driving, 40 minutes of playing and signing records. Then it was off to bed for me at Hotel Poseidon. A well deserved good night sleep and a hot shower (first one for a couple of days).
Next day we drove to Karlstad and spent the night at a friend's place, playing Yatzy and drinking a few glasses of wine. The same night Sara went to Copenhagen to see Danish band MEW live at Tivoli, which I am a bit envious at.
Next day (Saturday) we drove to Örebro for yet another instore gig, but also a real gig at a real club. It was actually one of the best shows in ages. At least I thought so. It was the warmest gig ever and the sweat was pouring down, but that only made me feel like it was even better!

Now I'm home, still thinking of solutions for recording the rest of my new album. I have got to fix this soon.


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