To Munich and Back

Back at home again after a week in Germany. We have had a really great time together. I love being out on the road with this band, and we've met quiet a few nice Germans along the way. Germany is a great country to tour - a lot of clubs and venues out there, the only bad thing with Germany is the infrastructure. They have the biggest roads and often there are no speed limits but it doesn't change the fact that you are bound to get stuck in traffic jams ( STAU in German) and sometimes you can drive on after five minutes, sometimes you get stuck for hours. Fortunately for us we have a great navigator in Sara, so we could avoid the worst STAU on the way to Munich by going on smaller roads.
Munich was one of the best nights by the way. Even though we were four hours late, the owner of the club ( Gerd ) was happy and really nice. One of the biggest proffessionals we met on this trip.

The dry tour bus air and smoky clubs have ruined my fragile health and I went to the doctor this morning and got some asthma medicin and caugh medicin for some kind of bronchitis/ catharr. In Sweden you're not allowed to smoke on clubs and restaurants, but you can in Germany. And they do.

I'll make sure to put up a bunch of pictures as soon as I can.

Thanx to all the venues who booked me, and thanx for all you guys who came to see us play!


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