Recording. Again.

I finally have some time over to record my new solostuff! I started yesterday with the foundation of "Piscine" which I have continued with today. I recorded vocals and drums and tomorrow we will work on fucking the drums up a bit by sending the signal through my porta studio to get that lo-fi sample effect I am looking for.

The only problem when recording is that after a while you realize you are so hungry you just can't continue. So I went home and called it a day. Now time for lasagna!

Some pictures from today and yesterday. My brother and me. And Beppe making a funny face...

Posted by: Goesta

Har försökt få dig att fastna för min blogg förut men misstänker att jag misslyckats. Jag försöker naivt igen dock, eftersom det är mer än något annat Amaterasu som håller mig på benen. Den och alkohol.

Med kärlek från Goesta

Posted by: Sara

Jag ÄLSKAR dig. Det är fint att ha dig hemma idag

2006-03-28 @ 15:17:47

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