Finally - Tour Dates Set

In April, Amaterasu is being released in Germany and shortly after I will take my band and do a little tour to support the release. I'm looking forwrad to it very much and I certainly hope some of you will come to see us play!
Here are the tourdates:
May 8 2006 
Nachtcafe Kiel
May 9 2006 
May 10 2006 
May 11 2006 
May 12 2006 
Salon ElitaerKassel
May 13 2006 

I hope to find some time the next couple of weeks to rehearse with the band and to make sure we do at least one or two new songs in addition to the tracks from "Amaterasu"... see you there,yes?

Posted by: Anders

Good luck with the tour!

Oh, and I don't know if you ever have seen this, but here:

Posted by: Sabrina

No Dresden again! *cries* But Berlin is okay as well! I'm sure we will be there!

2006-04-03 @ 08:16:44
Posted by: sebl

also no innsbruck, but maybe we can come to munich again, or we see you at the obstwiesenfestival this summer...

i still hope that youre playing with the citizens in innsbruck or somewhere else in western austria this summer :)

best wishes, sebl

2006-04-03 @ 16:42:06
Posted by: david

Hi Sebl! Innsbruck. Again. But if you do make it to München - say hi!
There are no gigs planned for the Citizens this summer, except that obstwiesenfestival. Maybe later this fall.
/ David

2006-04-04 @ 10:20:28
Posted by: Zack

Aw, man - come to America! We love you here and want to buy your albums!

2006-04-05 @ 20:59:20
Posted by: david

Zack- my album is released in America. You can get it from Parasol, or from the record label A Hidden Agenda, or maybe even in your local record store! I've said it before and I'll say it again; I would LOVE to go to America, but all I can do is hope a lote of people contact my label over there and tell them to put up a tour for me...
All the best/ D

2006-04-06 @ 10:31:53
Posted by: Uta

Very happy to see you again in Hamburg!

2006-04-12 @ 13:09:31

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