Blood Music, White Russian And an Exellent Soup!

Last night we were invited over to Sara's moms place for dinner. And what a dinner it was! Fish soup with crawfish and shrimps + garlic bread and white whine. Does it get any better? I don't think so.
After dinner we fell into a time machine when we went over to our dear friend David's place for a little warm up party. I call it a time machine because I don't see my old friends that often anymore, unfortunately (I'm always busy with this music thing…) and when I see them it feels like time has been standing still since last time we met. And every time I see them I am reminded who my best friends really are…
After a White Russian or two we all headed over to "Inkonst " to see Blood Music play. The man behind Blood Music is Karl-Jonas Winqvist who is also one fourth of First Floor Power which is a good band. But Blood Music was better. It is not often you see a band play music that is so warm, playful, genuine and…good. I was impressed and happy to see him do so very well on his own. When I get some money (yes I still think it could happen!) I will buy the album. You all should.

And now the best news of all: my dear stepfather (sometimes referred to as "plastic dad") is slowly recovering and is now wide awake, up and about. The nurses say it's a remarkable recovery and it makes me think maybe, just maybe there is a god or something out there who is looking out for us, making sure not all the good guys in this world leave too soon…Thank you…god?


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