Long Time No See

It's been a while since last I wrote something, I know… My stepfather all the sudden past away and left all of us wondering why? How? And all those questions you ask yourself when things like this happen. Now it is summer and the whole city is full of happy people smiling, eating ice-cream, walking hand in hand and just having a good time, I enjoy all this as well, but I can't help but thinking about Raul all the time. I expect to see him walking down the street waving at me any second and it is so, so strange to know that I will never see him again… It breaks my heart, but at the same time I know he had a couple of years towards the end of his life where he only did things he loved doing - such as acting, meeting friends, drinking a glass of wine or two and simply enjoying life… well, now he's gone and I'll miss him a lot…

Now for something more positive and fun;
First of all, I'd like to draw your attention towards my dear Sara as she has just finished recording her new demo and I want all of you to listen to it and maybe even buy it from her. You can download two tracks on
her blog.

I have also - finally - got some new pictures up from the Germany tour a month ago. Better late than never…

Last but not least; If everything works out, I will be entering a studio in July to record my new album! I'm really looking forward to it and I'm very exited about it!


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 15. 16.  17. 18.


1.In A garden in Kiel, the morning after the first gig.
2.Sara & Annette having Tequila in München.
3.All you can eat Sushi in Hamburg! And it was closed :-(
4.At Subway, Cologne.
5.Yes, I'm Swedish and I'm in town (in Kiel)
6.A faint rainbow outside of Kassel
7.Some posters...
8.On stage (or the lack of one...) in München
9.Prinzenbar, Hamburg
10.On stage in Kiel
11.Same again...
12.Sara guiding us through STAU land!
13.John and Rickard doing some real work ;-)
14.We actually got to sign a bunch of autographs in Kiel!
15.Annette sleeping in Das Auto
16.Looking lost in Berlin...
17.At Prinzenbar, Hamburg
18.Rickard and I got beaten by to Germans. We lost and we lost big...
19. Me and Sara enjoying a drink
20.The band in front of the dome in Cologne. Impressive building!

And I know - the layout on this little picture thing is fucked up, don't ask me why - it didn't look like this until I posted the damn thing...but you'll get the picture anyway...


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