Erebus + Amazon

Once in a while you stumble across reviews or just kind words that goes straight into your heart. I was scanning the Internet the other night (or really - Sara was…) and found this little thing that I kind of liked…just scroll down to the middle of the page and you'll find it.


linked in the text was these listeners reviews of Amaterasu on Amazon:


I am kind of frustrated right now because I don't know if I am going in to the studio in about two weeks or not. I am still waiting for the guy who's going to act as the "producer" to tell me if he's able to do it or not…if not, I guess I just have to start working on my own at the rehearsal place. My brother is working all the time and I need his expertise on how to use the damn equipment…man, I really should learn the basics on how to record on a computer…

Also I am hoping I will be able to visit the "Accelerator" Tour that lands in Malmö in about a weeks time with a whole bunch of really good bands. Not sure there is money to cover it though…


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