Summer In Malmö

Yep - it is summer now for real and we're spending the days hanging out by the sea diving into the ocean, reading, talking, drinking's been a couple of amazingly beautiful days and I love it!
Two nights ago we went down to this new really great place in the harbour called "Amore" which is a restaurant/club - very unswedish in a way (a good way!)- they serve delicious food and the new concert hall is cool as well. We went there to see Blood Music play live. It wasn't as good as the last time I saw them, the sound was too low and people where talking way too loud, which ruined the show a bit. None the less, Karl Jonas (Blood Music) has some good songs and I have the greatest respect for him.

I don't know why, but a couple living in the building across the street has hung up a big sign outside their windows saying: "How long are you going to stare? What do you expect to find?"     I guess they've been having problems with somebody staring...perhaps it is time to move from the city and get a small house somewhere in the countryside...?

Tomorrow it is Accelerator time! (A festival in the peoples park just around the corner) and we're having some friends over at noon to start the day with some BBQ and perhaps a beer to find that festival mood.
It was ages since I went to a festival, saw a clip on the news from Roskilde and it reminded me of how fun is is being at festivals. I hate to say it, but I prefer the backstage areas where it is (mostly) a little cleaner and better toilets and stuff like that... I guess you´ve got to use the luxury when you have the chance.

Last but not least: maybe, maybe I will start recording my new album in about a week from now. Nothing is really settled yet, but I am crossing my fingers, hoping everything will work out as planned.  The reason for all this trouble is that the guy I wanted to record the album asked for too much money which we could not,money, we had to find someone else to do it, but wanting and being able to are two different things as always. I think we have now managed to agree on what date we will start, but that´s about it, so we´ll see what happens. I have all these great songs and all I want is to record them and bring them to you because I think you would really like them. Why is everybody so fucking hungry for money...?

We are going to Denmark for holiday soon. I´m looking forward to it!


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