New Tracks!

Ok, after some computer problems, I have now uploaded three brand new demo tracks on my My Space : 

Note! The tracks will only be there for 24 hours!  Do to site maintenence last night (the site was down...), I will prolong the feature! 

Remember it is only demo recordings, but I'm pretty sure these tracks will end up on my next album. Enjoy!

Posted by: Anders

I can't seem to put words to your music. It's dark and full of melancholy, but with hope. Music you can hymn along to when your happy, and even when your sad. Songs about people and places wich suddenly seems so familiar. You play the piano like it's taken right out of some kind of fairytale. Your voice, like a little boy, with the experience of a grown man. Your music, for me personally, is about people who live in small villages/towns, and want to get away. About people you once knew. About things you can't find words for yourself. So thank you David, for having the words and the melodies all ready for me. Like I wrote on MySpace, this was quite a start of the morning. It made the cold and dark morning something speciel. All the best

Posted by: david

Anders - I think you hit the nail on the head this time. Somehow you described my music as I think of it myself. The element of longing from where you are to somewhere else is always present in my songs, and it is somehow often stories about people that might or might not be real. People I knew, or people I could have known...
Thank YOU! Make sure to spread the word about me to everyone you know :-)

2006-01-26 @ 19:07:40
Posted by: Maria

David, din musik är otrolig.

2006-01-26 @ 19:43:14
Posted by: Motel Magnolia

5 goats for mr. Fridlund!!

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