Didn't sleep very well last night. I was warm and cold at the same time and it took a long time before I fell asleep. And when I finally did I had a nightmare. I was standing infront of a window, outside it was dark and cold and unfriendly. I had to stare out the window and say some magic words to make an evil spirit disappear, and as I stood there I tried to speak but I couldn't get a sound out, I just stuttered and I was scared as hell and then I saw the reflection of that evil spirit in the window - I don't know if it was standing behind me in the room or if it was outside the window but it was looking  right at me and I know it would kill me if I didn't kill it first...
Then I woke up and I was really scared for a while, just laid in the bed looking around in the bedroom as the rain was pouring down and lightning lit up the room as thunder rolled around over the rooftops of Malmö.
I eventually fell asleep again, but that feeling of not being secure was holding me in a firm grip when I woke up this morning and it hasn't really let go of me yet.

I think I know what this dream was all about - it is not that far from reality after all, even if there is no evil spirit chasing me.  Not like the one in the dream anyway.

So -  I had breakfast (hard bread with sliced tomatoes and a cup of tea) and then me and Sara went up to the rehearsal place to practice her songs. Ireland is just ten days away and I'm looking forward to it!

Posted by: Jason

I had a nightmare last night too, I think it is the comedown from a ana amazing weekend

but no, coa I think i know hwat my dream was about...

Grattis idag (16th)

2006-08-17 @ 00:33:02

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