Going To Ireland

I thought I was going to the USA, but I won't get further than to Ireland.

I am an idiot. I've been waiting for a big amount of money for forever, I thought I'd get it this week and then Sara and I would buy tickets to New York for a two week vacation/gigs and business. It turns out I'm not getting any money and instead of living la vida luxury for a while, we are now living on bread and water, literally. oh how much fun it is being a musician, always having all this money to spend ;-)

OK, the US trip is cancelled and there's not much I can do about it. However - I am going to Ireland with Sara since she has been booked to do a gig on
this festival . This will be Sara's first ever show and I'm really glad to be there with her!

To sum things up: you win some - you lose some.

Last night I dreamt Sara's brother (who wasn't really her brother) came to visit along with his girlfriend. I had given him the brand new David & the Citizens album and the next day he told me he had put it out on the Internet for free downloading. I was furious and started yelling at him - we were all really angry and it all ended when he took his bicycle and rode away along the railway tracks.

I am stressed out for a number of reasons and this morning I didn't want to get out of bed, but now I'm up and we're going to the rehearsal place to practise for that Ireland gig.

Posted by: Sara

It wasn't my brother in real life - it was someone else that didn't even look like him. My brother is a GREAT brother and he would never do such a thing :O) I just wanted to add that. MKAY :O)

2006-08-10 @ 11:09:36
Posted by: Terje

Kommer du kompa Sara eller bjuds man även på david fridlund och ciizenslåtar på Irland. Jag är nämligen i krokarna under dessa dagar (vet ni vilken dag ni uppträder???)

Posted by: David

Jag kommer kompa Sara - det är bara Saras låtar som vi kommer att spela. Vi spelar den 26:e och repar just nu för fullt för att få ihop det. Skall bli jättekul!

2006-08-11 @ 00:28:52
Posted by: Andrew Graham

Yay! You're finally coming to Ireland! :D May I ask where abouts in Ireland it is that you will be playing? I would love to come and see you

2006-08-14 @ 11:22:42
URL: http://www.last.fm/user/agraham100/

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