The Worst Gig Ever

So, our american friends left town yesterday and now everything's back to normal again.
We got some pictures on a disc that was taken four months ago, including some pics from a gig Sara and I did on the 21 of December at this great place in Växjö. The venue is one of the nicest ones I've played at, but the audience...well, I had to ask them to shut up. Twice. I don't usually do that, but I couldn't hear myself sing and it' s kind of hard performing when you can't hear your own voice or even the piano. So - I stood up after the first song and kindly asked for everyones attention for a while but it really made no difference and after we had done most songs, the noise from the crowd had grown even worse and I told them to please shut the fuck up. And somebody screamed at us to get off the stage, so we finished in the best way we could, then got off the stage and had a few beers instead.


A cosy and beautiful little stage, but a nightmare audience.

Posted by: sebl

is there any chance to hear some new citizens songs in munich, or do we have to wait until the summer comes?

anyway, i'm looking forward to the concert to hear some new solo-stuff :)

best wishes, sebl

Posted by: david

Nope, no citizens songs until summer. One or two new solo songs though!

2006-04-22 @ 10:57:49

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