Bad News, Good News

Bad News;
Sunday afternoon and I'm trapped in the apartment with a case of pneumonia. It takes a lot before I go to the doctor but after three days of fever and coughing and blowing my nose, I finally agreed to go to the health centre to see what was the matter with me. So - pneumonia, not the third degree but still...enough to keep me in bed for at least a day or two still. Penicillin will do the trick hopefully.

Good News;
The other day I was reading the paper when all the sudden I saw my name in it. It turned out I have been rewarded a scholarship! The city of Malmö (where I live) has a scholarship for musicians, artists, actors and so on that they give out every year and this year I was one  of the holders of this scholarsip! I applied for it a couple of months ago and had almost forgot about it, so it was a great surprice for me! Maybe my financial problems are over for a while.(knock on wood) In any case, it certainly is a recognition of my work the past years and it allows me to keep doing what I'm doing!
Malmö stad kulturstipendium

Posted by: Anders

Congratulations with the scholarsip, well deserved.
Hope you feel better soon!

Posted by: Tomas Ebrelius

Grattis som fan!!!

2006-04-24 @ 01:08:03
Posted by: Sabrina

You have to get well soon, we already bought train tickets to Berlin! :P

And congrats for the scholarship!

2006-04-24 @ 08:28:03
Posted by: Kristoffer

Tillykke med kulturstipendiet her fra København! Har lige hørt Jeres nye skive på Myspace-siden. Det holder max! Ser frem til mere fedt musik!
Tjek i øvrigt:, hvor vi forsøger at holde os opdateret på den gode musik. Der er en entry om David & the Citizen.

2006-04-26 @ 22:17:27
Posted by: Lotta

Först och främst: Grattis! (Trevligt att det är fler som fattar hur bra musiken är!)

Sen: Krya på dig!

2006-04-28 @ 17:37:44
Posted by: Jason

David that is great news, and no doubt a worthy reciptant.
Glad to hear this.



2006-05-03 @ 02:48:49

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