Another Day In Life

Friday afternoon. Easter. I think today is the looong Friday?  It seems the whole neighbourhood had a party last night, somebody was playing the entire Nirvana catalogue until really late. That's ok, I can sleep no matter what noise.Almost. Today the streets have been quiet, I guess everybody is home, taking care of the hangover. I'm drinking coffee all day, playing the piano trying to write songs which I haven't done for a couple of months. I haven't had the time or even felt like it. Those things come and go I guess.
I feel frustrated - I want to record, but there is never time, my brother is always working and it seems there are a million other things do do. I have all these great songs that I just want to get down on tape. Or on a disc...
Time time time... time is all I have and still it's not enough.
We rehearsed again yesterday and the pieces are slowly falling into place. We've worked on three new ones and refreshed our collective memory of the old ones and I love playing these songs. I love being on the road, I love doing what I'm doing, still I always feel like I'm missing out on something else...why is that? How come we're always looking for something else? Is it just the human nature or am I an idiot? ;-)

The sun is shining over Malmö. It is beautiful. I have to go clean the apartment as we're having guests over frm the US.

Posted by: Sara

You're lovely :-)
By the way - In English it's "Good Friday".
Love Ya!

2006-04-21 @ 10:20:43

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