Update Again

Just a quick update again, before we head out for breakfast here in Kassel.  a LONG drive today down to Vienna. Yesterday was a great show, really! The audience seemed very very happy, they just wouldnt stop clapping hands.
Hamburg was a good show too, we went to a party at a big squat house, where Knarf Rellum played. Strange place, nice people.
The apartment where we slept was a wreck, or how should I say...? Now I really have to go. But a big  thanx to everyone who's been at the shows so far! You are all great!
Talk to you all soon...

Posted by: jc

give us some playlists, !

Anyone who has been to any shwos going to do a review here?

2005-09-20 @ 10:52:49
Posted by: Daniel

Yeah... very very happy!! Thanx a lot!
When you continue like that,
next time you'll fly to Vienna by aeroplane ;)
Someone from the audience in Kassel.

2005-09-22 @ 12:56:50

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