Germany so far

Tonight we played at Röhmer in Bremen. Nice venue, good people and a lot of beer. I / we acted as an opening act for Savoy Grand. We did a good gig, after a day filled with troubbles of all kinds... Yesterdays gig at Pfefferbank in Berlin was great! First show for our new boy Tomas.  We slept at a worn down apartment, maybe a junkie lived there, I don't know...
It's great to be on tour and even though this is indeed a "low- fi tour". Germany is great and everyone is very friendly. I whish we had a cable for our digital camera, then we coulÄve put out some of all the silly pictures taken so far...
Tomorrow it's Hamburg and we're not in a hurry, so we can sleep late. And that is great!

Posted by: Sabrina

The Berlin gig was so great! Thank you for that!

Have a good time in Germany and see you again in Dresden! =)

2005-09-19 @ 07:57:09
Posted by: David

Unfortunately I wasn't able to come to your Berlin gig - but hope to see you live this or next year! All the best for your Hamburg gig tonight!

2005-09-19 @ 14:41:51
Posted by: paloma

thank you for a great gig at the schilleroper in hamburg. it was an unforgettable sunday night!

2005-09-22 @ 19:49:00

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