A Cure For Hangovers? Anyone?

The café at Ribersborg

Ooh...I need a cure for my hangover, and I know I could get it if I went to the sauna and swam in the winter cold ocean of Öresund. But I'm not doing that today, so I'll just have to live through the pain...:-/
 Me and Sara played a few songs at this student ball last night.
 I'm so stupid - I introduced myself very properly, but somehow forgot to introduce Sara. Sorry  my love...! We actually played during the dinner. Before the dessert. We were like the pre - dessert.
Ate some cold hamburgers, had a couple of beers. Had a couple of White Russians. And some shots of liquor.  We had a really nice time and went to bed around 6 - 6.30.
Ooh my head...

Posted by: Anders

Well, hopefully it's gone by now, but I usually drink a lot of milk or cola and heat up some leftovers, and that does it for me.

Posted by: David

Yes, Good one Anders!
I ate a lot of popcorn, with a lot of salt. Worked as well...

2005-11-21 @ 19:25:11
Posted by: Kogo

There is but one thing that stops an hangover. Dont drink at all :)

2006-03-07 @ 11:48:41

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