You Ought To Write Something Soon!

So Sara keeps telling me I should write something here and I agree, I'm just not sure what I should write about. Still a lot of stuff happening with and around the Citizens now, but I am working on new solo songs all the time. I've been trying to finish this tune I've had in my head for a week but it just won't come out right. The chords are good and the melody is really sweet, but there's something with the lyrics that just annoys me when I sing it. So...gotta re-write it I think.
Sara has been booked to open for Juliana Hatfield on KB here in Malmö, Sweden and I will be assisting her - doing bass and drums on those beautiful tunes of her! I think that is a great thing and I'm looking forward to it.

No. That's it for now. Got to go to bed.


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